Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet
Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet

Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet

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Recycled fine silver birch bark cuff bracelet lined with blackened and scorched sterling silver.  This piece has a satisfying weight to it.

We have three beautiful birch trees in the side yard here at Hoting House.  I've always loved the texture and contrast of the bark and collected sheets of it as a child, because it was beautiful and precious to me.

Hand fabricated, hammered, textured, pierced, soldered

Bracelet circumference: 7 1/4" + 9/10ths opening

Currently this piece is for a large wrist size. 

**Contact me when you place your order to let me know if you'd like me to alter the size for you.  I'll walk you thru measuring your wrist to get it just right.

This bracelet is a collector's piece.  A true labor of love.