Bumble Bee Necklace

Bumble Bee Necklace

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A sterling silver and 24K gold keum boo bumble bee hovers happily over dendritic agate “flowers”.   

Hand fabricated sterling silver bumble bee, 14k gold filled bezel set with an open back dendritic agate and sterling silver chain.

Dendritic agates:

Dendrites are inclusions within a stone that appear organic and plant like. Millions of years ago, trace amounts of manganese and iron in solution from neighboring rock gained access to these forming agates. The elements, after seeping thru fine surface fractures, crystallized inside.  In the most rare agates they resemble natural beauties like trees, flowers, corals and moonlit nights.  These gemstones are highly sought after and collectable.

pendant measures: 1 1/4 inch long x 7/8ths inch wide

chain length: 16.5 inches